Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Where should I describe the iptables rules for traffic accounting?
Answer: netacct works as userspace daemon so NO kernel-based firewall rules for traffic accounting are used and needed!

Question: With Fedora Core 2/3/x netacct sometimes starts and sometimes the message Segmentation Fault appears?
Answer: Delete all comments from the configuration files. The problem exists only with Fedora Core and will be fixed in the next version.

Question: Whenever I write 'make' on *BSD, it gives me error?!
Answer: This problem has already been fixed from version 0.78. The solution for the older versions is: Install gnu make (gmake).

Question: sniff 0 or 1 or when should the interface be placed in promiscuous mode?
Answer: In very rare cases you will need sniff 1, i.e. in specific cases when for example the default gateway is connected with HUB (yes! with HUB exactly) and a server for traffic accounting is connected to it by netacct,(I haven't
experienced this case for the time being) or if your network is with HUBs, then netacct doesn't work obligatorily at the default gateway.

Question: I compiled and installed successfully but nothing was written in database
Answer: The most common mistake is with people who love compiling manually without having enough knowledge for that (Believe me, they are thousands!)The guy installed XXX linux default install with mysql package in /usr and after that decided to install a newer version, which he put in /usr/local/mysql. Everything's fine but when netacct is compiled the configure script finds first that mysql which is in /usr and when linked it connects with the older library from /usr/lib/libmysql* and not that from /usr/local/mysql/lib/libmysql*. In this case the following error appears:
can't connect through socket /var/run/mysql.sock
when as a matter of fact it has to connect to mysql via:
/usr/local/var/run/mysql.sock or via somewhere else.

These are the steps to follow in order to eliminate the problem:

0. Check /var/log/syslog, messages for errors. If you try to write in
the base and an error occurs, go to the next step. If it simply doesn't
account correctly the traffic, go to the next Question/Answer.
1. Check whether you have more than one mysql installation. In most
cases it brings about problems. If you have more than one, delete the
older version.
2. Check whether nacctd is connected with the correct library in this
$ ldd `which nacctd` => /usr/lib/ (0x00176000) => /lib/ (0x001ab000)
3. Check whether you can connect with the acct user with the relevant
password in this way:
$ mysql -u acct -p
4. (For idiots) Check whether mysql is started :)

Question: Everything works but the traffic is accounted as international, as peering or is not accounted at all?
Answer: Well... ... ... indeed: Did you read carefully README and INSTALL files!!!? The popular variants for network configuration and traffic accounting are described there. If your configuration is not in the README file and you don't know how to set up naccttab, ask in the forum at: or in the last resort (when you have done everything possible) contact me personally at Anyway, bear in mind that I don't have much free time, so before you dare ask me, read something here and there!