Information about project, developers, donations ...
Netacct-Mysql started as a home project to make more easy accounting of my home network traffic. Original net-acct stores accounting data in file and netacct-mysql is heavy modified version of net-acct which works with mysql/oracle.
It is OS independant since it uses libpcap to collect accounting data.

* Collets traffic in four separated types
* OS independant
* Uses SQL to store accounting data

Current supported OS:
* Linux
* FreeBSD
* OpenBSD
* NetBSD
* Solaris

Current Supported SQL:
* mysql
* postgresql
* oracle

netstat is web interface for netacct-mysql. It requires PHP Apache web server.

* admin and users interface for traffic information
* different prices for every type traffic - international, peering, direct, local
* rrdtool generated graphics
* per user and ip access list login
* logs for user logins

Who we are:
Nikolay Hristov
Vladislav Tzanev
Valery Darchev
promind (who appears to have no name ;)
Petar Nedyalkov
Boril Yonchev
Robert Webber

Current limitations/bugs:
* Works only with Ethernet, PPP interface
* ...

Future plans:
:: netacct-mysql
* support for br, vlan, gre interfaces
* more nacctd to log in 1 sql database and separate traffic by router
* more OS (see how to help section)
:: netstat
* ip-mac bindings
* traffic limit
* invoice system
* shaper

How to help?:
* If you like this program you can donate some money here (paypal link)
* If you like this program but you don't want to give me money you can send me any old hardware that you don't need any more. Any non-i386 arch is preffered like old m68k mac or such struff or old PDA, or even old laptops like 486/pentium mmx/maybe powerpc/mac, wireless cards, old hard disks, ram.
* If your OS is not supported you can give me a shell on your system so i can port netacct to work with it. Root shell is required. Make sure that you have these stuff installed: libpcap with headers, mysql with headers, your system supports posix threads or libpth installed with headers.
* Make a download mirror

Nikolay Hristov
Kragozor Street No. 9