2007-03-08 new web interface - beta testing
Oh well at last some news. New web interface rewritten from scratch by Stoimen Popov has taking shape these days so anyone interested in testing it can be downloaded from download section of course. In development version can be downloaded via SVN: $ svn checkout svn://svn.horizon9.org/netstat More info at forum.

2005-11-03 little updates
I've integrated one of my other projects b00ble - simple text search engine in this site forum so it can be searched. I apologize for not responding on many mails and messages but the work consumes almost all of my time. I hope this search helps a little bit and ofcourse I can promise that I will try to answer on more questions and merge some new code to the next release ..

2005-03-08 Development release - 0.79rc1 - PGSQL support added
Vlado Tzanev has ported netacct to work with PostgreSQL support. The only difference between 0.78 and 0.79rc1 is postgresql support so this release is for PostgreSQL people .. configure script is a bit hack and need to be rewriteen for postgresql .. please read README.1st and README.PostgreSQL for more info

2005-03-01 OpenBSD package, NetBSD package, Russian Documentation
Xerx (Vlado Tzanev) has made OpenBSD 3.6 package of netacct-mysql. It is available in download section
NetBSD 2.0 package is made by me but I have not tested it so please report any problems
Russian Documentation was translated by friend of mine (Vladi) and his mother who is russian and corrected by people from our forum. Enjoy!

2005-02-21 new stable release 0.78
I apologize for late release but just now I'm doing everything all alone so I hope everyone will understand me. Here is changelog for this release:

Chanes in 0.78:

* last minor bugfix in mysql code.
* all documentation rewriten: README, INSTALL, FAQ, README.Solaris also versions in Bulgarian.
* fixed insecure temporary files - Debian - DSA-559-1 (net-acct)
* moved clear_counters(); in the right place (fix for traffic loss in some specific situations)
* added a lot of error checkings
* now works with ppp interface .. pptp vpn patched and tested by Valeri Dachev
* mysql.c: code optimization by Valeri Dachev
* mysql.c: changed %li to %ul .. this makes max traffic per write = 4Gb
* added proper sql indexes
* kill -HUP now reloads only nacctpeering file
* compiles and runs on NetBSD 2.0
* compiles and runs on OpenBSD 3.x
* autoconf rewritten from scratch. no need to use gmake under *BSD anymore
* fixed some compilation errors and warnings on FreeBSD (also *BSD i think) thanks to Roam (for help) and ThUnDeR (for the FreeBSD 4.8 shell)
* some changes in mysql.c to store data for 5 minutes rrdtool graphics
* added Oracle support by Robert Webber! Great work!
* some code cleanups and most of the code is commented now
* removed some unused old code
* little DEBUG fix (never can be used) moved before break; in child_finished()

There will be also documentation on RUSSIAN so be patient and ofcourse please send me bug reports patches and so on...